Summerhill Stud Our Stud

We have a separate  stallion yard with four large boxes 14ft x 14ft.

Mares are covered naturally or by AI  as required. We pride ourselves on getting mares in foal with a very high fertility rate, we have won the Henry Tudor Fertility Cup Twice and been runner up three times all with different stallions.

We have over 200 acres of good quality grazing land with light sandy soil which is rotationally grazed by sheep and cattle to help keep the land in good stead.  We have a nursery paddock for young foals with post and rail fencing and all our fencing is either electric or post and rail.  We also have a separate stallion paddock as we like to turn our stallions out on a daily basis.

We have large foaling boxes   17.ft x 15ft with CCTV,20 stables, stocks and a resident AI Technician, and most importantly dedicated and conscientious staff to ensure your mare is well  looked after whether here for foaling or covering by our stallions.  There is always 24 hour supervision